Job Posting: Impact Innovation Consultant

Ready to lead the transformation to a better future of greater impact? At Utopya Innovation for Good, we are in search of Innovation Consultants passionate about generating positive social and environmental change. This role is key to conceptualizing new solutions to Utopya’s and its clients’ challenges, facilitating creativity and innovation processes, and generally driving positive change. If you are characterized by your strong empathy, your passion for innovation and your ability to navigate complex environments, we are looking for you.

About Us: At Utopya Innovation for Good, we merge innovation with different disciplines (technology, engineering, humanities…) to drive projects that promote a positive impact on society and the environment. Our approach focuses on the triple impact: Profit, People, Planet, with the goal of building a better and more sustainable future, as well as leading a paradigm shift on what a company should mean in the future.

Your Role:

  • As an Impact Innovation Consultant / Facilitator, your main role will be to contribute to the creation and implementation of new solutions.
  • You will guide teams in the discovery of new opportunities.
  • You will guide and facilitate groups and creativity sessions.
  • Participate in the design of proposals and approaches to achieve desired outcomes
  • Help advance new solutions through the design, testing and validation phases
  • You will foster a collaborative and high-performance work environment, actively participating in strategy development and key decision making for Utopya’s growth.
  • You will join a highly dynamic team, driven by a Purpose and Values that are at the core of everything we do.

We are looking for:

  • Professionals with a minimum of 3 years of experience as Innovation consultants and/or facilitators, most preferably in areas of social or environmental impact.
  • Experts in facilitating creativity and innovation processes.
  • Knowledgeable in different innovation methodologies and development of new business models, such as Design Thinking and Lean Startup.
  • Knowledge of the world of philanthropy / foundations will be an asset.
  • Excellent communication skills, empathy, adaptation to very different environments, and ability to work in multidisciplinary environments and in very diverse teams.
  • Fluency in English and Spanish is a must; French is a plus.

We offer you:

  • The opportunity to join a company in its early stages, working hand in hand with the founding partners, and be part of an exciting journey towards the creation of new triple impact business models.
  • A role where your leadership and team building skills will have a direct impact on the success of our companies, acting as an intra-entrepreneur within Utopya.
  • Support in your professional development towards senior leadership roles in a dynamic and collaborative environment, where innovation and creativity are the basis of everything.
  • Joining a new organization aware of its role in society, with a mission to actively contribute to a better world, and driven by strong values and purpose.

What is it like to work with us? At Utopya, our mission is fueled by more than two decades of experience in leading innovation. We are committed to pioneering triple-impact businesses, where every decision and technological breakthrough is made with a deep respect for people, communities and the planet.

By joining our team, you will be part of an ecosystem where innovation and positive impact are intertwined. We value diversity of thought, collaboration and commitment to excellence. Here, your ability to adapt and grow with us is as important as the projects you lead.
Every day is a new opportunity to inspire, create and lead change toward a promising future.

If you identify with our mission and have the skills and experience we are looking for, we want to meet you.

Submit your CV at and share why you are the ideal candidate to lead our impact projects.

Together, let’s transform the future! Welcome to Utopya.