Divergente is a ground-breaking and exciting way to bring innovation and social inclusion together, generating real impact and results that challenge the status quo. An approach that not only delivers disruptive solutions, but also offers career opportunities to people who, until now, have only done low value-added work.

Divergente are adapted innovation sessions where we include people with intelectual disabilities. Because they bring in breakthrough perspectives without psychological inertia, they communicate without filters and with a higher emotional degree.

In the early phases of innovation, where we need divergent thinking, these “divergent people” have hyper-abilities, that in a proper process and facilitation can bring in absolutely disruptive solutions to our clients’ challenges.

This way, they are integrated into high end activities within companies and organizations, providing value that would be very difficult to obtain without them .

Additionally, working together as a very diverse team is a mind-blowing learning experience that overturns many prejudices in both ways.

In Spanish, Divergente expresses at the same time divergent people, fun people, and divergent thinking.